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 1645.    ---------------.  [JOURNAL OF THE FUEL SOCIETY OF JAPAN.]  Oil in Japan.  Vol. 18, 1939, p. 7; Fuel, vol. 19, 1939, p. 99.

        Synthetic-oil industry is expanding rapidly.  2 plants employing the Fischer process are nearing completion at Miike and Chinchou.  Their combined output will be 60,000 tons of synthetic gasoline per year.  The Hokkaido Artificial Petroleum Co. will construct a plant with an annual production of 140,000 tons of synthetic oil.  This is to be completed by the end of 1940.  Research is in progress, and it is stated that satisfactory yields of hydrocarbons, free from O2 compounds, have been obtained at initial pressures of 40 atm., using a catalyst of Co-ThO-kieselguhr.