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 1635.    ----------------.  [JONES, J. P.]  Some Solvent-Extraction Developments in Germany.  IV.  Continuous Band Filter to Produce an Oil-Free Hard Wax.  Nat. Petrol. News, Tech. Sec., vol. 38, No. 18, 1946, pp. R344-346, R348; CIOS Rept. XXXXI-85, 1945, 73 pp., PB 1850.

       Description with drawings is given of an entirely new type of commercial wax filter.  This continuous band filter was developed by the GERMAN EDELEANU COMPANY to meet the wartime need for a commercial grade of hard wax substantially free from oil.  The wax slurry was treated with one or more portions of solvent, the liquid being removed by suction from the bottom of moving pans.  The entire filter was enclosed in a pressure shell.  Also described is a supplementary straight-line graph method for recording and evaluating data from the solvent extraction of oils.  This method was found to supply information on raffinate and extract solutions not obtainable through the more familiar triangular coordinate system discussed previously.  A method was also developed and described in this article for determining the wax content of a wax-oil mixture by measuring the amount of polarized light which will pass through a thin layer of the mixture.  The method is based on the fact that wax crystals are doubly refractive while oil is not.

        See abs. 1478, 1479, 1496.