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 1634.    ---------------.  [JONES, J. P.]  Some Solvent-Extraction Developments in Germany.  III.  Commercial Methods for Manufacturing Wax in Germany.  Nat. Petrol. News, Tech. Sec., vol. 38, No. 14, 1946, pp. R273, 274, 276, 278-279, 282; CIOS Rept. XXXI-85, 1945, 73 pp. PB 1850.

       Both hard and soft wax were made by solvent extraction with SO2 from tar distillate obtained by the low-temperature carbonization of brown coal and, to a limited extent, from shale oil.  Centrifuging was used followed by 2-stage extraction also with SO2.  Dichloroethane was used in the dewaxing step.  The extract solution from the tar distillate was processed into diesel fuel.  A study was made of wax properties.