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Literature Abstracts

 1632.    JONES, J. P.  Some German Solvent Extraction Developments.  I.  Nat. Petrol. News. Tech. Sec., vol. 38, No. 6, 1946, pp. R83-88.  CIOS Rept. XXXI-85, 1945, 73 pp., PB 1850.

        Series of papers based on interviews with the Edeleanu G.m.b.H. describing the methods developed and used by it for the solvent extraction of low-temperature carbonization tar for the production of fuels and waxes. Of special interest is a paper presented by E. Terres, general manager, before the Deutschen Braunkohlen-Industrie Verein on The Use of Selective Solvents to Extract Fractions from Synthetic Oil from Coal (translated and introduced by Jones).  This paper reviews the development of refinery methods using selective solvents, discusses the mechanism of selective solvent extraction and describes the procedure for the treatment of mineral oils, shale oil and tar. The selective treatment of the low-temperature-carbonization tar includes 3 principal stages:  (1) Extraction of wax-containing fraction with SO2; (2) extraction of the resulting SO2 extract with naphtha after addition of the waxfree fraction; and (3) fractional separation of hard and soft wax with dichloroethane from the SO2 raffinate after removal of SO2.