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 1629.    JOLLEY, L. J., AND MORCOM, A. R.  Ruhrchemie A.-G., Sterkrade-Holten.  BIOS Final Rept. 1038, December 1946, 15 pp., PB 75,817.

        This report presents additional details on:  (1) The pelleting and grading of precipitated catalysts on kieselguhr by 4 improved methods, (2) organic S removal, and (3) the production of C2H2 and cyanides from CH4 and natural gas.  A flowsheet of the scrubbing process for C2H2 production is included.  (See abs. 873, 874, 875, 876, 877, 878, 1327.)

        JONAKIN, J.  See abs. 810a.