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Literature Abstracts

 1627.    JOKLIK, A.  [Methane Cracking and Carbon Monoxide Conversion in Gas Works.]  Gas, Wasser, Wärme, vol. 4, 1950, pp. 247-258; Fuel Abs., vol. 9, No. 3, 1951, abs. 1625.

       Reforming of gases of all kinds that contain CH4 (natural gas, residual gases from benzine synthesis plants and oil refineries, and sewage gas) can be used to supplement the production of town gas.  This can be achieved by a combination of CH4 cracking with CO conversion.  The combined process also can be used in the manufacture of town’s gas from coal gas.  An account is given of the properties of various mixing gases and town’s gases and of the suitability of CH4, cracked gases, and partly converted cracked gases for town gas production.

        JOLLEY, L. J.  See abs. 304, 1328, 3699.