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Literature Abstracts

 1626.    JOHNSON, R. C.  Anthracite as Fuel for Synthesis-Gas Production.  Trans. 7th Ann. Antracite Conf., Lehigh Univ., May 1949, pp. 69-82; Fuel Abs., 1950, Abs. 140.

       American anthracite industry has in store and is producing many million tons of 2 low-cost byproduct fuels suitable for manufacture of synthesis gas:  (a) Silt, a mixture of coal, bone, and slate with basically the same composition as commercial anthracite at the mine at which it is produced, except that the ash content is higher; and (b) bone coal, anthracite interspersed with small slate bands; its ash content varies 25-30% and is governed by the gravity at which it is separated from rock and other refuse.  Investigations of different processes for gasification of these fuels are in progress.  The Anthracite Institute has been operating a fluidized-bed gas-producer pilot plant using silt; results are encouraging.  There has been no trouble with the fluidization of the bed, but it has been difficult to obtain the desired bed temperatures for production of the best quality gas.  The silt can be used in conventional gas generators if it is briquetted.

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