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 1625a.    JOHNSON, M. F. L. AND RIES, H. E.  Structure of Cobalt Catalysts Supported on Diatomaceous Earth.  Am. Chem. Soc., 121st Meeting Abs., March-April, 1952, p. 12-M.

         Various points are presented as evidence for the existence of catalyst-support interaction in the case of Co oxide precipitated in the presence of a diatomaceous earth support.  These include measurements of adsorption isotherms, the degree of reduction to Co metal, and the use of area-temperature sintering curves to characterize gels.  The adsorption isotherms for this type of catalyst all have the same characteristics:  A nearly asymptotic approach to P6, representing interparticle condensation, plus a sharp break at 0.5 relative pressure and a volume adsorbed corresponding to the volume of small pores.