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 1622.    JOHANSSON, A., AND VON SETH, R.  Carburization and Decarburization of Iron.  Surface Decarburization of Steel. Jour. Iron Steel Inst. (London), vol. 114, 1926, pp. 295-358; Engineering, vol. 122, 1926, pp. 460-464; Chem. Abs., vol. 20, 1926, p. 3429.

        In an atmosphere of CO2-CO the main course of the reaction is 3Fe+2CO=Fe3C+CO2.  The theoretical considerations involved are discussed and experiments are described, which were to determine the equilibrium of the reaction and establish isotherms at 1,100, 1,000, 900, 800, 750, and 710 on steels in which C ranges from 0.03 to 2.32%.  The equilibrium Fe3C+2H3=3Fe+CH4 is also studied.