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 1619.    JENNY, F. J., AND CONWAY, M. J.  Equipment for Low-Cost Oxygen Production.  Oil Gas Jour., vol. 45, No. 23, 1946, p. 91.

       Digest of a paper presented at the 1946 national conference on petroleum mechanical engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers.  Describes production of O2 by the liquefaction and fractionation of air as practiced on a pilot-plant scale.  The unit operations involved consist essentially of compression, heat exchange, refrigeration, and fractionation.  The first of 2 large plants is now under construction at Brownsville, Tex.  It will operate in connection with Hydrocol process for the treatment of natural gas to produce motor fuel, diesel fuel, and crude alcohols.  A second unit, to be built for a major oil company, also will supply O2 for a Hydrocol plant similar in size and operation to the Brownsville plant.  These 2 plants will compress approximately 250,000,000 cu. ft. of air per day to 75-85 p.s.i.g.