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 1616.    JELLINEK, K., AND DIETHELM, A.  [Producer-Gas Equilibrium at High Pressures.]  Ztschr. Anorg. Chem., vol. 124, 1922, pp. 203-229; Chem. Abs., vol. 17, 1923, p. 461.

        Equilibria in the reaction C+CO2=2CO were investigated for temperatures between 800° and 1,000° and for pressures up to 50 atm. for the so-called amorphous coals.  The apparatus used for the determination was a specially constructed electric furnace (described in detail) for determinations up to 150 atm. and 1,300°.  The equilibria for both amorphous coals and graphite agree very closely.  Complete agreement also was found, up to the temperatures investigated, between the producer-gas equilibria and the law of mass action.  It is true probably at still higher pressures.  Primarily the generator reaction is probably a heterogeneous gas reaction, by which the validity of the law of mass action at high pressures is established.  The integration constant of the isochor reaction in the producer gas equilibria agrees fully with that calculated from the chemical constants in Nernst’s heat theory.  It follows from the producer-gas equilibrium and the CO2 dissociation equilibrium that, with virtually approachable temperatures and pressures, the maximum work performed by the reaction C+O2=CO2 is equal to the heat tone in case the initial O2 pressure and the final CO2 pressure are alike and the reaction takes place isothermally and reversibly.