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 1610.    JANTZEN, E., RHEINHEIMER, W., AND ASCHE, W. [Composition of a Fatty Acid Mixture Obtained by the Oxidation of Synthetic Paraffin.]  Fette u. Seifen, vol. 45, 1938, pp. 388-393, 613-615; Chem. Abs., vol. 33, 1939, p. 1527.

        Paraffin produced by the Fischer-Tropsch process was oxidized in the presence of H2O, the H2O was removed, and the neutral oil was separated from the soap solution.  After the fatty acids were liberated with acid, they were steam distilled, neutralized, and the lactones were extracted with petroleum ether.  After the purified mixed fatty acids were liberated with acid, their constants were determined to be:  Average molecular weight 229.8, I No. 486, OH No. 3.7, and solidifying point 26.2.  The fatty acids were converted to the Me esters and carefully fractionally distilled.  The Me esters of all the fatty acids and, after saponification, all the fatty acids within the range C8-C17 were isolated in pure form. The largest fraction (16.0%) was myristic acid, while acids above C17 amounted to 13.29%.  Small amounts of unsaturated acids and acids containing OH or CO groups introduced slight irregularities into the curves showing boiling point, melting point at nD35 as a function of the amount of fatty material distilled over.  It is concluded, as regards the mechanism of oxidation, that all the CH2-groups are equally susceptible to oxidation.