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 1609.    JÄNECKE, E.  [System:  Fe-C-O.]  Ztschr. Anorg. Chem. vol. 204, 1932, p. 257-290; Chem. Abs., vol. 26, 1932, p. 5530.

       Comprehensive survey of recent work, with extensive bibliography.  Jänecke’s diagram has been somewhat modified, and the equilibria at various pressures and temperatures have been calculated.  The heat of formation of cementite is –6.5 kcal. and that of pearlite –2.77 kcal.  Contrary to previous views, there is a maximum pressure in the univariant system:  Fe-austenite-FeO-gas at 820°.  The equilibria in the Fe-C-O system between 500° and 1,000° and 0.2 and 5 atm. are represented by a 3-dimensional model.