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 1603.    ---------------.  [JACQUÉ, L.]  [Thermodynamics and Catalysis in the Synthesis of Fuels Under Pressure.]  Centre de Perfectionnement Technique, Cours confs., No. 1318, February 1945, 31 pp.; Chim. et Ind., vol. 55, 1946, p. 445.

       Application of thermodynamics to the study of reactions permits a formula being established giving as a function of temperature and pressure the equilibrium concentrations of the constituents of the reaction.  It has been established that the paraffins and the polymethylenes are relatively the most stable hydrocarbons at low temperature (below 500°), while the aromatics and olefins are the most stable at high temperature.  Except for C2H2, no hydrocarbon is thermodynamically stable compared with its elements above 577°.  In most reactions for synthesis of motor fuels, equilibrium is not attained in practice.  It is often necessary to operate at a velocity high enough to avoid side reactions.  A study of the kinetics of the reactions enables suitable reaction conditions to be selected, especially from the point of view of the dissipation of the heat of reaction.

        See abs. 3723.