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 1602.    JACQUÉ, L.  [Action of Hydrogen on Carbides of Iron and Chromium.]  Compt. Rend. vol. 206, 1938, pp. 1900-1902; Chem. Abs., vol. 32, 1938, p. 6170.

       H2 at a pressure of 100 kg. per cm.2 at 550° in 50 hr. entirely decomposes cementite, prepared by the action of KCN or NaCN on Fe at 650°.  At lower temperature and pressure the removal of C was less complete, thus under 50 kg. per cm.2 at 500° the amount of C remaining was 2.5-3.5%, at 550°, 1.6-2.3.  Treated similarly, H2 had no appreciable effect on Cr carbides, whether Cr7C3, Cr5C2, or Cr3C2.