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Literature Abstracts

 1601.    JACOBSON, B., AND WESTGREN, A.  [Nickel Carbide and Its Relation to the Other Carbides of the Series of Elements Scandium-Nickel.]  Ztschr. Physik. Chem., vol. 20, B, 1933, pp. 361-367; Chem. Abs., vol. 27, 1933, p. 2860.

       X-ray analysis was made of Ni3C.  The elementary cell has dimensions a=2.646 Å. U., c=4.329 Å. U. and c:a=1.636.  The results do not agree with the rule of Hägg for the structure of hydrides, borides, carbides, and nitrides of the transition elements.

        JACOBUS, G.  See abs. 385.

        JACOBY, J.  See abs. 2219.