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 1595.    JACK, K. H.  Iron-Nitrogen, Iron-Carbon, and Iron-Carbon-Nitrogen Interstitial Alloys:  Their Occurrence in Tempered Martensite.  Nature, vol. 158, 1946, pp. 60-61; Chem. Abs., vol. 40, 1946, p. 6392.

        Prolonged reaction of CO with Fe nitrides below 500° eliminates N, forming Fe percarbide (C, 30.5-32.1 atomic %).  The unit cell is orthorhombic; it contains 4 Fe20C9 molecules.  Above 500° the product of the same reaction is cementite.  Both of these Fe carbides are metastable; Fe percarbide decomposes in vacuo to C+cementite; cementite to a –Fe+C.  The rate of decomposition is negligible below 350°.