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 1592.    IVANOVSKIĬ, F. P., BRAUDE, G. E., AND PANINA, A. M.  [New Catalysts for the Conversion of Carbon Monoxide.]  Jour. Chem. Ind. (U.S.S.R.), vol. 10, No. 2, 1934, pp. 37-44; Chem. Abs., vol. 28, 1934, p. 3845.

        Fe catalysts should be heated for 2 hr. at 700 before use to give them the greatest stability.  Co catalysts are very active but are mechanically weak.  Addition of MgO strengthens them but lowers their activity.  Siderite is a good catalyst, but it loses its activity on prolonged use.  The loss may be prevented by addition of 0.7% by wt. of K2Cr2O; to siderite that has been heated for 6 hr. at 500-525.  Such a catalyst gives 94-96% conversion.  Addition of too much K2Cr2O7 weakens the catalyst.  H2S lowers its activity.  Titanomagnetite, Fe chromite, and bauxite are unsatisfactory as catalysts.