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 1589.    IVANOV, K. N., AND KOZLOV, L. I.  [Corrosion of Alloy Steels Under the Conditions of Methanol Synthesis.]  Khim. Mashinostroenie, vol. 5, No. 6, 1936, pp. 36-39; Chim. et Ind., vol. 38, 1939, p. 923; Chem. Abs., vol. 32, 1938, p. 2496.

       Corrosion of steel during the synthesis of MeOH results mainly in the production of Fe carbonyl.  The metals alloyed with the steel can reduce corrosion, but not suppress it completely.  The most resistant steels are those with high Cr content (13-15%); their corrosion is practically nil up to 100 and above 300, Cr-V steel, on the other hand, is unsuitable.  To secure practically absolute resistance, the steel should be covered with a protective lining such as a surface layer of a high = Cr, Fe-Cr alloy.