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 1581.    IRON AND COAL TRADES REVIEW.  Hydrocarbons From Water Gas.  Germany.  Vol. 129, 1934, p. 542.

        Fischer experimental plant for the manufacture of synthetic benzine from coal, which is being erected by the Ruhrchemie A.-G., of Oberhausen-Holten, will probably be completed at the end of this year.  The cost will be approximately RM 1,000,000.  The Fischer process operates at normal pressure and commences with water gas made directly from coke; thus, it is not based on coal byproducts but on the raw fuel itself.  The collieries in the Ruhr, which are associated with the I. G. Farbenindustrie in the development of coal hydrogenation, are awaiting the results of the plant erected at Oppau by the I. G., which operates on the modified Bergius process and is claimed to have a much greater output than that adopted by the Ruhrchemie.  The full-scale plant to be erected at Scholven will probably be on this process.  It remains to be seen whether, following the successful outcome of the I. G. trials, the Ruhr collieries will come to a general agreement with the I. G., especially if the expectations regarding the Fischer process are fulfilled.

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