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 1580.    IREDALE, T., AND LYONS, L. E.  Influence of Inert Gases on the Photodecomposition of Gaseous Acetone.  Jour. Chem. Soc., November, 1944, pp. 588-590; Chem. Abs., vol. 39, 1945, p. 3735.

       A study was made on the influence of CO2 and N2 at about atmospheric pressure on the photodecomposition of gaseous acetone at room temperature in light of wave length 2,400-3,100 A.  The yield of CO was increased, no detectable amounts of biacetyl were formed, and the ratio C2H6:CO approached unity.  The results are attributed to increased dissociation of acetyl radicals on collision into CO and methyl and/or to hindering diffusion of acetyl to the walls, where it associates to give biacetyl.