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 1579.    IPATIEFF, V. N., AND MONROE, G. S.  Synthesis of Methanol From CO2 and H2 Over Copper-Alumina Catalysts.  Mechanism of Reaction.  Jour. Am. Chem. Soc., vol. 67, 1945, pp. 2168-2171; Chem. Abs., vol. 40, 1946, p. 1140.

        Synthesis of MeOH from CO2 and H2 over Cu-Al2O3 catalysts was investigated over a catalyst temperature range of 282-487 and a pressure range of 117-410 atm.  Cu alone and Al2O3 alone had no catalytic effect.  The most active catalyst had a Cu content of 8-28%, giving conversions of 94% at 410 atm. and catalyst temperature of 285.  Similar experiments with CO and H2 gave conversions of 39-43%, with as much as 15 and 41% of the CO charge reacting to give CH4 and dimethyl ether, respectively.  When CO2 was added to the CO (mol. ratio CO:CO2=3.1:1.0) the MeOH conversion was raised to 64%, and the formation of dimethyl ether was reduced to about 1%.  Results obtained with aqueous CH2O solutions indicate that the formation of MeOH from CO2 and H2 under pressure may proceed along 2 paths.  After reduction of the CO2 to the CH2O stage, part of the MeOH is formed by direct hydrogenation of the CH2O and part by the Cannizzaro reaction.