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 1568.    IPATIEFF, V. N.  [Pyrogenic Contact Reactions of Organic Compounds.  I, II, III.]  Ber. Deut. Chem. Gesell., vol. 34, 1901, pp. 596-600, 3579-3589; vol. 35, 1902, pp. 1047-1057, 1057-1064; Jour. Chem. Soc., 1901, I, p. 248; 1902, I, p. 4; 1902, II, p. 335.

       MeOH is decomposed by heat into trioxymethylene, a decomposition facilitated by Zn, but Fe causes a further decomposition into H2 and CO.  In presence of graphite, MeOH yields considerable quantities of CH4.  When MeOH is passed through a red-hot Fe tube, considerable quantities of HCHO are produced together with combustible gases and about 3% of C.  The oxides of Zn, Fe and Cr are classified as dehydrogenation catalysts.