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 1560.    INSTITUTE OF GAS TECHNOLOGY.  Fischer-Tropsch Process.  An Annotated Bibliography.  Rept. for Technical Sec. Postwar Planning Cooperating Com., October 1945, 82 pp., 423 refs., 49 tables and 16 figs.

       Very comprehensive review of the Fischer-Tropsch process is given.  It embraces the following:  Chapter I Introduction; II Historical development; III Products of the reaction, (1) nature, (2) treatment, (3) lubricating oil from primary products, (4) products of Robinson-Bindley process; IV Variables affecting the reaction, (1) catalyst, (2) pressure, (3) temperature, (4) time factor, (5) CO:H2 ratio, (6) constituents other than CO and H2 in the synthesis gas; V Thermodynamics of the reaction; VI Mechanism of the reaction; VII Industrial production, (1) production of CO-H2 mixtures, (2) removal of S from synthesis gas, (3) contact chambers, (4) product recovery; VIII Industrial application of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis; IX Integration of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis of hydrocarbons in gas plants; Appendix I the Sabatier synthesis; II Conversion factors.  A tabulated compilation of every published type of Fischer-Tropsch catalyst, the best catalyst of each type on the basis of yield is included.  See abs. 1562, 1563, 1564, 1565, 1566.