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 1555.    ---------------.  [INDUSTRIAL CHEMIST AND CHEMICAL MANUFACTURER.]  Mersol and Hostapon Manufacture of Sulfonated Detergents in Germany.  Vol. 23, 1947, pp. 242-249; CIOS Rept. XXVI-2, PB 6, 684, and XXXII-107, PB 6,650; BIOS Final Rept. 805, PB 49,196.

        The nature, manufacture, and uses of Mersol and Hostapon are given.  Mersol is a mixture of sulfo-chlorinated paraffins in the C9-C15 range, made by the action of SO2 and Cl in the presence of ultraviolet light on a hydrogenated Fischer-Tropsch Kogasin distillate (Mepasin).  The reaction is known as the Reed reaction.  Hostapon is a mixture of alkyl sulfonic acids produced directly by the sulfo-oxidation of Mepasin, the reaction being promoted either by ultraviolet light or with acetic anhydride.  The Fischer-Tropsch fraction used for starting material was the 220-330 C. or the 230-320 C. cut.  Flowsheets, detailed descriptions of the processes, and the outputs from the plants are given.