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 1548.    ---------------.  [INDUSTRIAL AND ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY.]  Gasoline From Natural Gas.  Vol. 37, No. 7, 1945, Adv. Sect., p. 5.

        It has been reported that gasoline can be made at about $0.05 per gal. using the Fischer-Tropsch process and natural gas (abs. 2516 and 2997).  Our natural-gas resources are estimated at 111 trillion cu. ft.  The price ranges from $0.015-$0.05 per 1,000 cu. ft.  It is claimed that with gas at $0.05, it is possible to make a $0.05 per gal. gasoline having an octane rating of 75, a diesel oil with a 90-100 diesel index, and various chemicals in the form of oxygenated compounds.  Using natural gas, 440 lb. or 10,450 cu. ft. is needed to make 1 bbl. of gasoline, about 8% less than by European methods.  Conversion of all available natural gas would produce 11 billion bbl. of gasoline, enough to last 18 yr. at the 1940 rate of consumption.  A plant capable of making 300,000 bbl. per day, American design, would cost 660 million dollars, as compared with a plant of European design, which would cost 1.4 billion.  As to costs, without depreciation, before taxes, and without profit, gasoline can be made at $0.036 per gal. with $0.05 natural gas.  With depreciation, without taxes and profit, cost would be $0.048 per gal.  At present, refinery costs, with $1.20 crude, are $0.051 and $0.053 for the same conditions.