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  1546.    ---------------.  [INDUSTRIAL AND ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY.]  Synthetic Manufacture of Methanol.  Vol. 17, 1925, pp. 981-982; Chem. Abs., vol. 19, 1925, p. 2928.

         British Patent 229,715 is reproduced in full, together with a statement of conclusions drawn from this patent and from other literature as to proper apparatus and conditions necessary in MeOH synthesis.  The essential features are as follows:  (1) a gaseous mixture of CO and H2 in which there are at least 2 vol. of H2 : 1 of CO; (2) catalyst, a number of which are available, consists chiefly of ZnO with admixture of Cr2O3 and metallic Cu or CuO; (3) absence of alkali in the catalyst, which would cause decomposition of the MeOH produced and production of higher alcohols, H2O, and oily and tarry bodies therefrom; (4) proper apparatus made of alloy steel and lined with Cu, Al, or Zn capable of withstanding very high pressure, at least 250 atm., and containing a heating element so that the incoming gases will come in contact with the catalyst at a temperature around 250-300 C. without coming in contact with Fe, Ni, or Co; (5) condensation of the MeOH produced, and the recirculation of the residual gases brought again to the proper concentration by the addition of H2 and CO.