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 1545.    INDUSTRIAL AND ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY.  Methanol Developments.  Vol. 17, 1925, pp. 772-773.

        Full significance of the synthesis of MeOH and petroleumlike compounds from CO and H2 has not been realized.  The significant thing is not so much whether production will be undertaken in the United States or even the price at which foreign producers will demonstrate their ability to send this chemical to us.  It is rather the patent situation that is causing the gravest concern in the light of the controversy taking place between Badische Anilin- und Soda-Fabrik. versus Patart.  Present production in Germany is about 1,000 ton monthly; the estimated total for 1925 is 15,000 ton.  Production costs are believed to be about 13% of the cost of MeOH by wood distillation.  It is stated that at 1 plant the cost has been reduced to $0.03 per kg.