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Literature Abstracts

 1544.    IMHAUSEN, K. H.  [Synthesis of Edible Fats.]  Ztschr. Ver. Deut. Ing., vol. 91, 1949, pp. 463-467; Chem. Abs., vol. 44, 1950, pp. 4695, 5615.

        Fischer-Tropsch process yields 10-15% of paraffinic residue boiling 320-450 (chain length, C20-C30) suitable for producing synthetic fatty acids.  The conversion uses finely distributed air of atmospheric pressure at temperatures slightly above 100 in the presence of Mn catalyzers.  The process takes 15-30 hr. in Al or special steel towers 11 m. high and 2.6 m. in diameter.  Oxidation requires approximately 50 m.3 per hr. per ton of paraffin.  The reaction is exothermic.  The product is washed in towers and saponified with 30% Na2CO3 and 45% NaOH at 95.  Nonsaponifiables are separated, and the soap is heated 320-350 to remove H2O and paraffins, which are recycled along with the previously recovered nonsaponified material.  The soap is dissolved and converted into fatty acid and Na2SO4 by means of 75% H2SO4.  The crude fatty acid is fractionated under 4-10 mm. absolute pressure at 320 into C5-C9, C10-C17, C18 and higher, and residue.  Yield is 70-80%.

        IMHOFF, D. H.  See abs. 202.

        INABA, T.  See abs. 1120.