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 1543.    ---------------.  [IMHAUSEN, A.]  [Importance of Synthetic Fatty Acids for the German Fat Economy.]  Kolloid-Ztschr., vol. 103, 1943, pp. 105-108; Chem. Abs., vol. 37, 1943, p. 6917.

        Process for manufacturing synthetic fatty acids is described based on the oxidation of the residue obtained during the hydrogenation of CO.  This residue of the synthetic-fuel plants is first fractionated then oxidized to fatty acids.  The product is washed to removed the catalyst, saponified, and the unsaponifiables are steam-distilled and returned to be oxidized again.  The soap is acidified, the fatty acids are distilled and fractionated.  These acids have 10-20 C atoms in the chain and are similar to natural fatty acids, except that the synthetic product contains acids with both even and uneven C atoms.  The product is used for soap and, after esterification with glycerol, for cooking fats and for artificial butter.