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 1542.    ---------------.  [IMHAUSEN, A.]  [Soaps From Synthetic Fatty Acids.]  Kolloid-Ztschr., vol. 85, 1938, pp. 234-246; Chem. Abs., vol. 33, 1939, p. 1979.

       Manufacture of soap from synthetic fatty acids on a commercial scale is described.  Hydrocarbons were produced by the reaction of CO, from coal or lignite, with H2 in the presence of a catalyst.  These hydrocarbons were oxidized, by air, to fatty acids, consisting mainly of C10-C22 chains.  These acids were purified by boiling to remove the low-boiling fatty acids, and saponified to soaps or esterified to fats.  The soaps produced in this manner were similar to soaps from natural fatty acids in their surface tension, viscosity, form-producing properties, gold number, turbidity formation, and detergent properties.  Experiments on the production of edible fats from synthetic fatty acids were successful on a laboratory scale.