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 1539.    ---------------.  [IIZIMA, S.]  [Adsorption of Hydrogen on Reduced Nickel.]  Sci. Papers Inst. Phys. Chem. Research (Tokyo), vol. 38, No. 1006, 1941, p. 183; Rev. Phys. Chem. Japan, vol. 14, 1940, pp. 128-136; Chem. Abs., vol. 35, 1941, p. 3138.

        Some additional facts are noted in the study of the adsorption of H2 on reduced Ni.  The adsorption and desorption of H2 on reduced Ni is irreversible with change of temperature.  It is difficult to desorb H2 by evacuation at low temperatures.  The amount of activated adsorption decreases markedly with rise in reduction temperature used in preparing reduced Ni.  The maximum and minimum points on the adsorption isobar should vary with the activity of the reduced Ni and the pressure of the gas.  Van der Waals adsorption accounts for the adsorption at 183.

        IMAI, O.  See abs. 1909.