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Literature Abstracts

 1533.    ---------------.  [I. G. FARBENINDUSTRIE A.-G.]  Comparison of Products of Vapor-Phase and Foam-Phase Syntheses at Different Temperatures.  Bureau of Mines Transl. T-436, January 1948, 4 pp.

        Paper from Dr. Pierís files, high-pressure experiments, Ludwigshafen 558.  Results of a few tests, and tabulated comparisons of products from the Synol process at Leuna, from the straight vapor-phase reactors, and from the gas circulation reactors.  The products are expressed as free and total alcohol.

        IGARASHI, H.  See abs. 1345.

        IGAWA, S.  See abs. 3607, 3608, 3609, 3610, 3611.

        IHARA, K.  See abs. 1910.