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Literature Abstracts

 1532.    ---------------.  [I. G. FARBENINDUSTRIE A.-G.]  [Hydrocarbon Synthesis From Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen With an Iron Catalyst According to the Emulsion Method.]  TOM Reel 148, Rept. LU 558, No. N-25, June 23, 1942, 2 pp.

        Tabular data summarize the products obtained in a 10-week run on a 1.5 m.3 furnace at 250 and 20 atm. with a 55:45 mixture of CO:H2 and a daily yield of 0.3.  In smaller experiments a high percentage of high-boiling products was obtained.  The paraffin content was as high as 40%.  Some of the products were worked up to yield alcohols, sulfonates, fatty acids, lubricating oils, and leather oils.