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 1531.    ---------------.  [I. G. FARBENINDUSTRIE A.-G.]  [Flowsheet of the Winkler Plant and Miscellaneous Plant-Cost Data Sheets.]  TOM Reel, 115, Item 4, 1941-1944, 28 pp.

       Contribution of the Merseburg Ammonia Works, Leuna, Plant Control Department.  The Winkler-plant flowsheet is laid out as a schematic drawing of the installation, showing relative sizes of the various units.  The plant-cost sheets include:  Energy data for the overall hydrogenation process including hydroforming and hydrocarbon separation; a flowsheet for the treatment of rich and lean hydrogenation gases; graphs of output of pure hydrogenation gas as a function of CH4 %; test analyses of hydrogenation gas output for different 24-hr. shifts; and analytical report on gasoline synthesis for a typical month.