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Literature Abstracts

 1526.    ICKES, H. L.  Coal’s New Horizons.  Coal Age, vol. 48, 1943, pp. 54-64; Petroleum (London), vol. 6, No. 7, 1943, p. 110.

       Not until 1937 did an experimental plant for producing liquid fuels by direct hydrogenation come into production.  That plant, erected by the Federal Bureau of Mines at Pittsburgh, Pa., has a capacity of 100 lb. of coal per day.  It is to be supplemented with another plant for the investigation of indirect hydrogenation.  Direct hydrogenation gasoline has an octane rating of 70-75, which can be increased to 85-90 by adding tetraethyl lead.  Gasoline made by the indirect hydrogenation has a low octane number and must be cracked to make it usable as motor fuel, but the diesel fuel made by this process is of excellent quality.