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 1520.    ---------------.  [HURST, W. W. AND RIDEAL, E. K.]  Promoting Action of Palladium on Copper.  II.  Adsorption of Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide.  Jour. Chem. Soc., vol. 125, 1924, pp. 694-705; Chem. Abs., vol. 18, 1924, p. 1775.

       Adsorption of H2 and CO and of mixtures of these gases by Cu and a Pd-promoted Cu catalyst has been studied, by means of a device based on the difference in thermal conductivity of the gases.  Definite proof has been obtained that in general both gases are adsorbed, and that the composition of the adsorbed gas phase is independent, not only of the composition of the gas phase, but also of the nature of the adsorbent.  The addition of Pd to the Cu produces an increase in the CO adsorption and a decrease in the H2 adsorption, as well as a relative increase in the CO of the adsorbed phase in the presence of both gases.  Arguments are advanced for the hypothesis that polar molecules are adsorbed at low temperatures and high pressures in multimolecule layers, and nonpolar molecules in unimolecule layers.