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 1514.    HUGGETT, J., AND CHAUDRON, G.  [Temperatures of Magnetic Transformations in the System Iron-Iron Sesquixide.]  Compt. Rend., vol. 184, 1927, pp. 199-201; Chem. Abs., vol. 21, 1927, p. 1218.

        System Fe2-O3-Fe3O4 shows two points of transformation, 1 at 590, corresponding to Fe3O4, and the other at 650, corresponding to a solid solution of Fe3O4 in Fe2O3.  These transformations are rigorously reversible.  The system Fe3O4-FeO has a transformation point at 570 for the Fe3O4.  In the system FeO-Fe, the temperature of transformation is the same as that of Fe, or 765.