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 1510.    ---------------.  [HUBMANN, O.]  Production Costs of CO-H2 Mixtures for Different Methods of Gasification With Oxygen and Various Fuels.  Bureau of Mines Spec. Rept., 1947, 35 pp.

       Describes various methods of gasification and their operating principles.  The technical performance and the possible improvements of these methods with some directives in the selection of the gasification method best suited for a specific purpose are presented.  The many factors entering into the investment and production costs are discussed in detail and extensive calculations are made in arriving at an approximate idea of the economic advantages and disadvantages of the various processes.  The most important investment and operating figures are compared and the data tabulated.  They show that such costs, O2 and power costs included, are lowest with methods using a fixed fuel bed, and that a fluidized fuel bed or a powdered fuel requires additional costs for a lower efficiency and higher investment costs because of the necessity of pulverizing the coal and handling large volumes of gas with a high dust content.  However, gasification of pulverized coal is the only method of utilizing caking coals for the production of synthesis gas.  Therefore, it should be developed as the most important base of a large-scale industry in the eastern coal fields.  Furthermore, the Winkler process (fluidized fuel bed), though slightly cheaper in operating costs, may lose its interest as soon as the pulverized-coal gasification has been developed further, especially if this latter method could be operated under several atmospheres pressure.

       HUFF, W. J.  See abs. 738.

       HUFFMAN, E. H. See abs. 1729.