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 1507a.    HRADEK, V.  [Conversion of Light Hydrocarbons Into Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen.]  Paliva, vol. 31, 1951, pp. 266-277; British Abs., 1952, B, I. p. 639.

         Thermodynamics of all possible 20 reactions during the conversion of CH4 with O2, steam and CO2 are discussed.  It is found that:  (1) Below the minimum temperature of 920 K. a conversion of CH4 by O2 is not possible without liberation of C; (2) the liberated C is mainly due to the reaction CH4+O2→C+H2O; (3) the conversion of CH4 by steam needs a higher temperature (1,000); (4) the same applies for the conversion by CO (about 900); (5) the rising of temperature favors all cases of CH4 conversion, lowers the amount of steam and reduces the possibility of free C formation to compare quantitatively these facts the equilibrium constants are calculated from the free energies and the limiting conditions at which C is not liberated are determined.