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 1507.    HOYT, L. F.  German Chemical Developments in Synthetic Detergents and Wetting Agents.  PB Rept. 3,868, 1945, 151 pp.

       Detailed report on development and uses of synthetic detergents.  Igepons, based on natural fats or oils or on synthetic fatty acids, were produced to the limit of available materials.  Igepals, based on ethylene oxide, provided a variety of detergents and emulsifiers for technical purposes.  Higher alcohols of suitable chain length and quality were produced by the reduction of the corresponding synthetic fatty acids derived from the oxidation of paraffin.  Outstanding large-scale development of synthetic detergents was based on the production of Mersols from byproducts of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis of hydrocarbons from coal.  Appendix IV has a chart showing compounds derived from some byproducts of Fischer-Tropsch process.