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 1505.    HOWES, D. A., AND RAMPTON, H. C.  Properties of Hydrocarbon Gas Turbine Fuels.  Internat. Cong. Pure Appl. Chem., July 1947, 11th Cong., London; Jour. Inst. Petrol., vol. 35, 1949, pp. 419-435; Chem. Abs., vol. 43, 1949, p. 7662.

        Summary is presented on the properties of hydrocarbons boiling within the range 65°-300°, with particular reference to their use as constituents of fuels for gas turbines.  These various properties, determined by chemical composition and configuration, are closely interrelated and they lie mostly between the extremes set by the paraffins and the aromatics, respectively.  This means that any gas-turbine fuel comprised entirely of hydrocarbons will have properties within this range.  Information is given on the hydrocarbon compositions of petroleum, Fischer-Tropsch, hydrogenation, and shale-oil fractions, and attention is drawn to the present lack of knowledge concerning hydrocarbon compositions in fractions boiling above the motor gasoline range.  This is due to the considerable difficulties encountered in analysis.  Methods of analysis are reviewed and the possibilities of synthetic methods for producing gas-turbine fuels of different hydrocarbon compositions are summarized.  No synthetic process exists at the present time for producing fuels in the 65°-300° boiling range, which would appear to be ideally suited to the aero-gas turbine.  Such processes as alkylation, polymerization, catalytic cracking, etc., are not suitable methods for producing turbine fuels, since the products contain appreciable amounts of aromatics or olefins that have not yet been found acceptable in turbine fuels.  The same objection applies to the products of Fischer-Tropsch type processes.  1 of the 1st problems to be solved is how to use fuels containing olefin hydrocarbons satisfactorily in aero-gas turbines.

       HOWES, D. A., ALLEN, J. G., AND SCHINDLER, H.  I. G. Farbenindustrie A.-G. Works at Leuna.  XII A.  Synthetic Lubricating-Oil Manufacture at Stettin-Pölitz.  See abs. 1477.