991.    ---------------.  [FISCHER, F., AND MEYER, K.]  [Reducibility of Standard Nickel Catalyst.]  Brennstoff-Chem., vol. 14, 1933, pp. 64-67; Ges. Abhandl. Kenntnis Kohle, vol. 11, 1934, pp. 549-554; Chem. Abs., vol. 27, 1933, p. 4034.

                 Reduction temperature of Ni-Mn-Al catalyst cannot be lowered by the addition of Cu in preparation or afterward as CuO or CuCO3.  Activity is, however, decreased by the former and increased by the latter method.  CO-H2 or 1:3 CO2-H2 mixtures cannot be used in place of H2 for catalyst reduction, whereas, 3:7 and 7:3 N2-H2 mixtures at 450 give normal activity.