988.    FISCHER, F., AND MEYER, K.  [Applicability of Nickel Catalysts to the Benzine Synthesis.]  Brennstoff-Chem., vol. 12, 1931, pp. 225-232; Ges. Abhandl. Kenntnis Kohle, vol. 12, 1932, pp. 534-555; Chem. Abs., vol. 25, 1931, p. 4685.

      Effect upon yields of liquid products of adding various activators to Ni catalyst has been determined and is discussed at length.  With Ni catalyst, it is possible to hydrogenate CO at atmospheric pressure and obtain products, of which 2/3 are liquids.  As activator, 18% Th is used with the Ni in a 1:1 metal-kieselguhr mixture.  The Th and Ni are precipitated by K2CO3 and are reduced with H2 at 450°; addition of Cu does not serve to lower this reducing temperature.  Addition of Mn appears, however, to increase the effect of the Th.  The stability of the catalyst is such that only a 17% loss in yield was observed after 5 weeks’ continuous use.