979.    ---------------.  [FISCHER, F., AND DILTHEY, P.]  [Solubility of Gas Benzines and Gases in Paraffin Oil.]  Ges. Abhandl. Kenntnis Kohle, vol. 8, 1929, pp. 305-306; Chem. Zentralb., 1929, II, p. 3265; Chem. Abs., vol. 24, 1930, p. 5994.

     On agitating 2 cc. of paraffin oil with various gases, it was observed that C5H12, CO2, and CH4 were soluble to a remarkable degree, while H2, CO, air, and water gas were insoluble.  Corresponding experiments with the reaction gas of an active benzine catalyst did not succeed in connecting the results with the contraction of the catalyst or with the gas analysis.