971.     ---------------.  [FISCHER, F.]  Middle Pressure Synthesis With Iron Catalysts.  TOM Reel 49, July 13, 1943, frames 533-540; Bureau of Mines Transl. T-423, Dec. 1, 1947, 8 pp.

      After presenting briefly the work of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute on the middle-pressure synthesis with Fe catalyst, conditions are discussed that permit carrying out the synthesis at the lowest possible temperatures.  Example:  A synthesis gas CO:H2=1:2 is converted at temperatures 200-210 in several stages.  The use of higher H2 synthesis gas is particularly advantageous for the stability of the Fe catalyst.  Using the Co middle pressure reactors for synthesis, the requirements may be met by using water gas as the synthesis gas.  With a normal throughput (4 l. water gas per 10 gm. of Fe per hr.) the reaction temperature is about 220, and it can be lowered to 210 with a reduced gas throughput.