963.    ---------------. [FISCHER, F.]  Conversion of Coal Into Liquid Fuels by the Fischer Process.  Petrol. Times, vol. 36, 1936, pp. 613-614; Chem. Abs., vol. 31, 1937, p. 1983.

      Tropsch and Fischer (abs. 1018) found that CO+H2 at 400 and 100 atm. with alkaline Fe catalyst produced oxygenated hydrocarbons.  At lower pressures less O2 combines.  A catalyst was developed, active at 190 and 1 atm., producing the paraffinic hydrocarbons Kogasin.  Steam + CH4 produces water gas containing 1 part CO to 2H2.  The gas reacts over the catalyst with dispersion of heat, and the products are recovered by condensation and adsorption.  The weight, percent, of products are:  Gasol, 8; motor spirit, 62; diesel fuel, 24; paraffin wax, 2; and ceresin, 4, varying with operating conditions.  The higher-boiling motor spirit requires treatment to improve antiknock properties; the diesel fuel is of the best type.