928.    FIELDNER, A. C., ERNST, F. A., AND BROWN, R. L.  Use of Off-Peak Gas for Methanol and Hydrocarbon Synthesis, With Notes on the Bergius Process.  Proc. Am. Gas Assoc., vol. 9, 1927, pp. 1031-1033.

                  Theoretical requirement of blue gas to make 1 ton of MeOH, with 70% conversion, is put at 100,000 cu. ft.  A plant of 20-ton-per-day capacity will thus require 2,000,000 cu. ft.  The total investment-per-ton-per-yr. for the gas plant plus the MeOH plant is calculated at $107.00-$128.00.  On such a basis it is not considered that either MeOH or synthol could be produced to compete with gasoline as a motor fuel.