927.    FIELDNER, A. C., BELTZ, J. C., AND FISHER, P. L.  Eighth Annual Report of Research and Technologic Work on Coal for 1943.  Synthesis of Hydrocarbons From Water Gas.  Bureau of Mines Inf. Circ. 7272, 1944, p. 56.

      Experimental work on Fe and Co catalysts has been completed.  Methods for the preparation and reactivation of Fe catalysts have been developed, and 1 Fe catalyst has been in operation for 3 months with no loss in activity.  Fe catalysts yield a highly olefinic product and a larger proportion of solid paraffins than is obtained with the Co catalyst.  Cheaper methods of preparation of Co catalysts have been investigated and a very promising method has been developed.  Interpretation of available data on the steam-carbon reaction corroborates the generally accepted conclusions that the primary products are CO and H2 and that CO2 is formed subsequently by way of the water-gas reaction.