919.    ---------------.  [FIELDNER, A. C.]  Frontiers of Fuel Technology.  Chem. and Eng. News, vol. 26, 1948, pp. 1700-1701; Fuel, vol. 28, No. 1, 1949, pp. 19-21.

      Paper presented during the dedication of the Bureau of Mines synthetic fuels laboratories at Bruceton, Pa.  It traces briefly the upward trend in the last 2 decades of new developments and improvements in the mining, preparation, and utilization of coal and predicts a new era in the processing of coal for the production of gaseous and liquid fuels.  The basic German processes for the production of liquid fuels by coal hydrogenation and gas synthesis are already undergoing technical improvement toward a greater economy of operation in respect to American conditions.

      See abs. 1370, 3121.